Is this the “Collaboration Generation”?

After returning from Educon2.2, My students (grade six) wanted to know the “most amazing thing I saw”. They know about conferences. They’ve attended conferences. They’ve been Skyped from conferences. They wanting me to “Wow” them. It wasn’t hard, thanks to Jeff Han.

I have had a Smartboard in my classroom for three years now. So have most of my students, who are fortunate enough to attend a Smart Showcase School. These students have become familiar with the terms, “Notebook Software”, “Social media”, “twitter”, “blogging” and “collaboration”. They are used to taking leadership roles and each of them play “teacher” in one way or another. When I showed them the video demonstration (below) of the ‘Multi-touch board, – the students surprised me with their comments. Most have begun writing letters to Mr.Han with their reflections about this tool and how they see this impacting their learning. One student (9 year old) posted her comment last night, here)

Until the rest of our blogs are posted, I am compelled to share with you our discussion. Many of the students indicated that the “Smartboard” is often cumbersome and difficult to use in a group because it allows for one touch only. They want their hands all over the board. Students talked about the “Shadow” cast on our board and that often, they can’t see what they write. They admitted that they are used to the board, and can’t imagine learning without access to a touch screen – but their expectations have increased.

They say they need something that helps them “collaborate better” –