The Cleversheep talks “Creative Commons”

Should students be putting Creative Commons attributes on their work?

According to a leading educator in the Ontario community, the answer is YES. Rodd Lucier is a teacher – consultant in the Komoka region and is most definately considered an expert in the area of Creative Commons Licenses as it relates to education. That is why I asked him to join my class in a discussion about not only how students can obtain content ethically but also about putting license agreements on their own work – and why.
We had a great discussion, which I captured on audio to summarize the student reflections about Creative Commons:

A few links that Rodd provided for us:
The Cleversheep Blog
Creative Commons Presentation – for educators
Flickr Photos Creative Commons
Creative Commons

Students will create a collaborative digital book using Google Docs to teacher other students about Copyright rules and the Creative Commons. Anyone care to join us, in this endeavor?