Olympics at School….these links will help

Colour the town RED!!!

For the next two weeks our students will be talking about issues that relate specifically to the Olympics.  A few questions to think about:

  • How have the Olympic games strengthened or weakened our relationships with other countries?
  • Does the promotion of sport, strengthen ones values in other areas of life?
  • How does the “Host” of the olympics benefit (or not) from this international sport?
  • Why do we celebrate our nationality so much? Is it important to learn about athletes from the past?
  • How have the Olympic games changed over the years when it comes to fairness, and equity?
  • How does fairness and honesty play into Olympics?

Students will continue to add to a collaborative WIKISPACE which we look forward to contributions from other classrooms

As well, we will be watching the Olympics by going to this site:

CTV Olympics LIVE:

This site will stream in Canada (the other streaming site is NBC, which oly streams in the US)(must download Silverlight)

Olympic Results


Canada Pride video’s

Olympic Ceremony Highlights

Luge Story:


– Students will look into the safety of Olympics, discuss a variety of perspectives about what to do when tragedy strikes.

Olympic Video – poet bursts onto world stage



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