Students Centered Learning – Example of our latest projects

It is important to me that students are at the center of their own learning, not the teacher. This sounds easy, but when it is facilitated appropriately, I often find that I worry and stress about the students and if they are “actually” learning the content that I am required to teach. I find it hard to give up the control and the temptation to tell them the answers. I am constantly asking myself if they are focused, if they are applying themselves, if they are retaining the information.

As educators we need to reflect upon how we learn best. How do we construct new ideas? New knowledge? Often, we do this by investigating, by discussing, communicating, creating, and of course by teaching others. We often pick topics because that is what interests us, and thus, we are engaged and motivated. That is what I want my students to do. I want them to choose to learn.

The following set of self paced tasks are focused on Canada’s Links with the World (Ontario Provincial Grade Six Curriculum). Students will choose among a variety of topics, levels, and tools to carry out their project. Students will work in groups, in pairs and independently.
I look forward to seeing the products and watching students as they become the teachers.


The first project was an independent project to kick off this mini-unit: