“I love my network – seriously – what great people. Teaching has never been so exciting” – A.Couros

Let’s not kid ourselves, we are all in this “PLN” because it makes our jobs more exciting and it’s FUN. Sure, we say it is for the good of our students. Sure, we say that we learn more and that we always have experts and information at our finger tips, from anywhere, from anyone, at anytime of the day. Sure, we get to connect and collaborate when we want and then tune out, when we need a break. OK, I admit, my learning curve has peaked this year because I have this resource – this bank of ideas that just keep pouring in, all day long. But still, what drives me to maintain my PLN, to participate, to seek out members and support colleagues – is the fact that I stay ENGAGED. I wonder what happens to teachers when they don’t feel engaged anymore?

Revisit a VOICE THREAD which demonstrates the true power of a Global Community:

Well – I feel pretty engaged. Today, I thank @mrspal, a colleague in Philly that I met through twitter and blogging. Just read her blog: http://middleschool101.edublogs.org and you will see that she has a passion for education that is viral. She is transparent in her teaching and makes it a priority to share and support others.
After reading her post “take a walk down memory lane”, an interactive, inquiry based activity using Google Streets View, she inspired me to try it out on my own students. Within the hour, she emailed me her lesson plan/student instruction sheet and seemed as excited as I was. Now that is open source, open content, free, creative commons, license free at its GREATEST.

STUDENTS – Enjoy the activity. TEACHERS – Enjoy your students enjoying the activity

Come and take a walk with me…

Can you imagine being a young child and walking through your neighborhood? Do you ever wonder what it was like when your parents were growing up? How about your grandparents?

This assignment is going to tap into your technology skills, conversational skills, and story telling skills using google street view as a platform along with any of the digital storytelling platforms that we’ve used in the past.

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One thought on ““I love my network – seriously – what great people. Teaching has never been so exciting” – A.Couros

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Zoe! I am still amazed that I was the one learning from you at Educon at home in my pajamas…and here we meet again! Talk about the power of the PLN and the joy of collaboration! What a ripple this has caused starting with @dougpete who was the one who inspired me…I just added my own twist to it. Isn’t that what 21st century learning and collaboration is about…learning, morphing, expanding, and sharing? It is such an amazing time to be a teacher! Enjoy your project!

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