Unplug’d – Canadian Education Summit

There is this guy I know named Ben.
For the past several years, Ben has given me lots to think about that has eventually led to a joint project called ‘Unplug’d’.
So let’s go back to the beginning…..

The year was 2006. I had heard about this new classroom tool called “Smartboard”. So I did a search and found a site called, pdtogo.com. In fact, this was the only site that I had ever seen that incorporated audio, text, resources and music all in one. How about that. So I listened. And listened…and listened…and listened. I soon got my own Smartboard and made my own lessons and eventually my own podcast and then I made my own blog too. Finally, I began my own story, just like Ben (but different).

In his latest story, Ben talks about the Unplugd event in his usual charming way with his inherent ability to make his audience want to hear more. What is different about the Unplug’d story however, is that it is incomplete.

This story will be complete (or at least more complete) during the Unplug’d all Canadian Educator Summit that takes place August 5-7. Educators across Canada will spend a weekend together in a remote part of Algonquin park (Northernedge.com) to reflect why they have become leaders in education reform. Along with this guy named Ben, some of the most innovative leaders in education will tell and share their stories. They will make connections about what what factors, what values, what characteristics led them not only to their place in education today but why their paths crossed during this single weekend in August, 2011.

Along with Ben, there is a guy named Rodd. (@thecleversheep), the driving force behind Unplug’d – who brought together a team of whom is geographically separated by thousands of kilometers across Canada. There is Darren from Manitoba, Alec and Dean from Saskatchewan, Tom from both B.C and Montreal, Bill from New Brunswick and Rodd, Ben and myself from Ontario.

View Unplug’d Team in a larger map

Questions? This will answer them (or at least some of them):

UnPlug’d Overview
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3 Replies to “Unplug’d – Canadian Education Summit”

  1. This sounds like an amazing adventure in learning for Canadian tweeps! I would love to be able to participate but think the discussion may be way beyond my level!! 🙂

  2. Cyndie, nothing is way beyond your level. Your thinking and support for Ontario is big. Thank you for that.

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