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140 Voices
The 140 Voices project was co-developed by Rodd Lucier and Zoe Branigan-Pipe, who are working to bring co-learners to life through a collaborative project called 140 Voices. The 7 Degrees of Connectedness was created in part to help explain the 140 Voices project.

Why 140 Voices?
It’s the number of seconds that anyone can spare for a quick video.
The number matches the maximum number of characters in a tweet.
Many of the folks who will appear in these short videos, are active on Twitter.
How long will it take to engage the voices of 140 educators-leaders-change agents?

Here, a short video interview with @Stephen_Hurley explains how the 140 Voices project came about and why we feel it fits so perfectly with the collaborative publishing taking place on VoicEd.ca.

Do you have a story to share? Do you know someone else who has a story to tell?
While you could wait for us to record you in person or via Skype, with a little video-editing playfulness, you can create your own 140 Voices video. Following the steps below, you can share your own story or any story of interest. The video tutorial below shows how it works.

To Capture and Post a Story:
1. Film yourself or a colleague using any digital video camera or camera-equipped computer.External mics are helpful, but not necessary.
2. Answer (or ask) the following questions or respond to the prompts:
* What is your name, role and where are you from (city, organization)?
* What is your current project or initiative?
* How does this project impact student learning? Teacher learning?
* How can folks keep track of your online learning?
3. Upload video content to a video editor of your choice (imovie, youtube editor)
4. Add the 140 Voices intro and extro to your video using the tutorial provided or some other method.
5. Post your video to YouTube using the hashtag #140voices.
To do this part, you will need a Youtube account (or any Google account)
6. Share the link with either @stephen_hurley, @thecleversheep or @zbpipe via Twitter using the hashtag #140voices
7. Videos will be collected and shared at VoicEd.ca

Peter Skillen and Brenda Sherry, are two dynamic and innovative educators from Ontario. Their videos are the first of what we hope to be 140 short interviews to be hosted at VoicEd.ca.


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