Prachi’s Challenge – Student Voice “Leadership” Passion Project.

Some of you may have heard of “Prachi’s Puzzles”.  I share them often on Twitter and educators around the world now access these puzzles. These puzzles can be found on this “LinkTree”.

Let me give you some background. Prachi is a Grade 7 student at the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board who has been working remotely since March 2020.  Like many other students, she has had to shift some of her ways of learning and participating in school life.  Prachi is a student leader and truly gets joy from her involvement in the school activities so when the pandemic hit, she had to learn new ways to inspire, impact and lead others using her “student” voice.

At the start of the school year, Prachi quickly jumped on the opportunity to participate in a collaborative resource which morphed into a Leadership Passion Project. This Passion Project isn’t the typical topic-focused project but rather it is an ongoing project to provide an opportunity for her to not just be a leader, but also interact with others at a wider scale.

The latest challenge is something a little different. Here, students will have an opportunity to INSPIRE Prachi by using her Blueprints/Plans to create an Eco-House. Prachi hasn’t used Minecraft much so we decided this would be the perfect tool for the challenge. We’d love to get as many submissions as possible. Reach out to me: if you have a submission to add. All submissions will be added to a slideshow and showcased on both this blog and Prachi’s blog (and shared amongst the worldwide Educator Community).

Prachi’s Challenge

You will need to use Minecraft Education Edition for this challenge. Go to “Getting Started” to enter your district username and password so you can download the program.
  • Can you use the blueprints (below) created by Prachi to replicate her eco-house?
  • How close can you get to these plans while also adding your own creativity and showing Prachi what she missed?
Prachi (with a team) will judge the creations and will provide feedback during the weeks of JUNE 1ST through June 20th!  
Prachi has already created a non-digital model of the house using a variety of supplies. We want to give Prachi a chance to walk through her creation in a 3D world!
From Prachi: “I would love to see their creativity and what they can come up with after looking at my plans. They just have to make it relatable to the blueprint, but I won’t stop them from being creative in their own way.”

Here is a full list of all the energy-efficient features:

  1. LED Lighting (In the lamps)
  2. Good Insulation (In the walls)
  3. Big, and strategically placed windows
  4. Solar Panels
  5. Indoor Plants
  6. Outdoor Plants
  7. Electric Car charger and Electric Car in the Garage
  8. Rain barrel
  9. Recycling bin
  10. Compost bin
  11. Solar Lamps in the front yard
  12. Properly sealed doors and windows
  13. Shade Trees
  14. Sensor Taps (Kitchen sink, laundry room, and bathrooms)
  15. Programable Thermostat

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