Collaborative Reflection – Our 21st Century Fluencies

This video is a collaborative effort from people across Ontario, Canada, and the world to demonstrate and reflect how they have incorporated 21st Century Fluencies and NETS (s) with their students and colleagues. These interviews and discussions were done over the past two weeks using Skype and incorporate a large demographic of perspectives in education (students, teachers, principals, consultants and faculty members). Thanks to @Royan_Lee and his class from providing the background music (via Skype)! Consider widening the perspectives in this video by answer the same questions (audio, video or text form) 1) What is your name, your role and where are you from? 2) What was your favourite learning activity (yourself or with your students)? 3) What advice Continue reading Collaborative Reflection – Our 21st Century Fluencies

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It’s a Global Network – Then and Now

Dear Mom, I was asked to reflect upon what made me so passionate about educating students within a global perspective. From the time that I can remember, you have always taught me to pay close attention to what is happening in our world.  You provided me with a foundation of which I use today as a focus of how I live. You gave me the inspiration and passion to continue your path as an educator. I know that education has changed since your first years. However, your vision to make change in our world and to advocate for social justice has not changed. You taught students to be fair. You helped impoverished families. You tirelessly helped immigrant families find Continue reading It’s a Global Network – Then and Now

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Stop Motion – Olympics and the Four Host Nations

This week, students will be exploring a variety of story telling animation and art tools as part of our Olympics and Social Studies Connections Unit. I did a similar unit with a group of primary students last year, resulting in the following video: For this project, students will have a choice to create a biography of a Canadian Athlete, a Time-Line of a winter sport, or a spotlight about the Vancouver 2010 Host Nations. Students have already had opportunities to conduct research and create an assortment of graphic and text based accounts of sport highlights, athlete highlights and highlights of the Host Nations. In using Windows Media Maker, we ran into a variety of problems. First, students found it Continue reading Stop Motion – Olympics and the Four Host Nations

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Take a risk, try something new…

Last week, I participated in a online session with Will Richardson (@willrich45) and other Ontario teachers. A major theme to our discussion was the concept of risk. To be at the forefront of change and innovation, we need to be comfortable with taking risk. We are entering new territory by having our students use online tools, including social networking. We are ‘exploring strange new worlds, boldly going where no one has gone before…” (I couldn’t resist). It is risky to try something new because we are not conforming to the norm. I have met many teachers in schools across our globe that say they are embracing a new way of teaching and learning, but feel alone in their school Continue reading Take a risk, try something new…

Print Friendly, PDF & Email – A Digital Learning Environment

Digital Learning Environment provides platform for Differentiated Instruction at By: Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board On July 21, I headed to Portland, Oregon to participate in a three day workshop with, an education company whose promotes curriculum driven digital learning environments for teachers and students. There were 20 people invited to attend. There were 19 districts across 19 States and one district represented from Canada (myself). provided transportation, accommodation, meals (including a catered cruise on the Portland River and an excellent dinner at the Portland Culinary School of Cuisine). The main premise of this product is for educators to easily fit content to meet the needs of individual students and truly individualize programs for Continue reading – A Digital Learning Environment

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