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We made our first Phlog today from Ipadio App and Iphone. A very easy way of recording a student discussion, radio broadcast. I like how it also has a “Speech to Text” application. I am definitely impressed with the quality of sound, especially when using the Front Row system with it. I look forward to more impromptu broadcasts from our Grade Six Class.

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Tools and Projects, Web 2.0, Technology and Differentiated Learning

VIDEO – Lawfield School – learning through INNOVATION – A three year Plan:

The following links give examples to some of the tools and projects that Lawfield School has used during their first year of their Innovation Plan.

VIDEO – 21st Century Classroom/ Differentiated Instruction: Video Showcased at the ISTE Site and will be showcased at the NECC conference

VIDEO – FLAT CLASSROOM: Example of how Classroom is using Skype to communicate with another classroom:

VIDEO – Example of how a classroom used innovation to communicate and collaborate with SouthPole Expedition Team:

VIDEO – Collaborative Project – stop motion video, being featured on the Olympic 2009 website

VIDEO – Example of how Classroom is using community members to help support innovative tools in the classroom, specifically the ARTS and MUSIC:

AUDIO: TALK 820 RADIO Interview – William Demille and Zoe Branigan -Pipe

AUDIO: Student Created Radio Show Podcasts through project based learning (Also found at ITunes):

MEDIA: Hamilton Spectator Feature:




WIKI: Student Created:

Teacher Student Blog:

Teacher Blog: Talks about concept of FLAT CLASSROOM;

Student Blog:

Lesson Share from Exemplary “Smart” Teacher – John Migliore: (All lessons are Showcased on the Smart Exchange Website)

Twitter: Use of Twitter in the classroom:

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An Amplification of Learning

An amplification of learning

Teachers and Students love Lawfield classroom sound systems

May 23, 2009

The Hamilton Spectator
(May 23, 2009)

For students at Lawfield Elementary School, it’s not hard to listen up when the teacher talks.

Since the east Mountain school’s new building opened in the fall of 2007, instructors have been amplified using a FrontRow system which sends sound equally around the room.


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Podcasting influencing student learning

Do you need examples of how technology can influence student learning? In a Radio Show Format, using the Front Row Podcasting Equipment, several students discuss how they have changed their learning because of technology.

It is interesting to hear it directly from those we teach!…

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