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  1. I am teaching a Science gifted class this year and would like to incorporate a gifted portfolio. What is an app you would recommend for students to gathered and work on their portfolios?

  2. I was wondering if you knew of any face-to-face opportunities for teachers to get training in technology that might be found in a makerspace (ie 3d printers; green screens etc).

  3. I am the mother of a profoundly gifted twice exceptional nineteen year old, who dropped out of college during his second year, because he couldn’t stay on top of scheduling and homework. He attended all classes and received A’s on most of his midterms and finals, but is now feeling he failed, and is struggling with depression and a lack of motivation. I don’t know how to help him explore alternate possibilities. Are there any colleges or programs offering coursework and degrees without the burden of homework? He has seen an educational psychologist and a psychiatrist this past month and has received a diagnosis of ADHD, and is considering taking medication. I feel helpless. I am an American, currently living in the UK, while my husband completes work on a Phd in Shakespeare studies. Would it be possible to dialogue about directions in which I might guide my son? Also, I have been seriously considering going back to school myself…are there any specific programs you know of that offer coursework for someone wanting to work with and /or advocate for gifted children, especially twice exceptional learners? Thank you for your time!

  4. Hi… I am exploring using Minecraft in my classroom and am unclear as to how best do this. Any thoughts?

  5. Good Afternoon Zoe

    Your name was recommended as someone we should consider for our Keynote address on May 17th in Ottawa. Would you be interested and available? If so I will take it back to our committee.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Zoë,
    Congratulations on all you do. I was amazed to see you are in the Hamilton area. I have been teaching in Brussels, Belgium for 26 years. I would like to return to Ontario to do an on-site Master’s of Ed especially in relation to integrating technology. I very much like your approach to teaching. Can you possibly recommend a Master’s programme geographically located between Queen’s and Western? I have about 13 years remaining my active career and really want to get with it re. tech integration, I am not too saavy… but keen to finally learn. My areas of specialization are middle school ELD, and now more specifically EAP Social Studies and Science. I started off teaching a long time again in Toronto French Immersion. Thanks for trying to guide me. sincerely, Anne-Louise Flynn

  7. Hi Zoe
    I would like to follow your posts. I didn’t see where I could follow you. I teach at a First Nations school in Duncan BC. I was very inspired by your post on Worldviews-inspires classroom makerspace.
    Thank you

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