MY TOP 10 LEARNING SPACES – A Universal Design, in a Gifted Classroom

The learning environment is what will help create community. Before anything, students need to feel safe. Not just physically safe, but safe to learn how they learn, safe to think “outside the box”, safe to ask questions, safe to make mistakes, safe to be who they are.  I recently read a post by Jackie Gerstein, a friend and mentor who talks passionately about the importance of community in the classroom (It’s About Connections Not Content). Below, I talk about the learning spaces to honour all learners.  It is my intention to help these students find their passions, their gifts, and their understanding of themselves. The Circle Each day, we start off in a large circle. We might play a game, Continue reading MY TOP 10 LEARNING SPACES – A Universal Design, in a Gifted Classroom

My “Top Ten” Voicethread applications

 VOICETHREAD IS A UNIVERSALLY DESIGNED TOOL ALLOWING EVERYONE TO CONTRIBUTE. STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND COMMUNITY CAN USE ANY MEDIUM TO SHARE, DISCUSS, POST, REFLECT AND PRESENT. OPEN DOORS TO OUR LEARNERS!! A couple reminders that might ease your mind about using this OPEN and FREE tool….. * Voicethread provides tutorials, ideas, and examples. Give yourself some time to explore and PLAY * Voicethread comments can be moderated by the owner * Voicethreads can be public or private and can be shared with one or many people * Voicethread tool is free and is accessible on computers, iPods and iPads *Voicethread can be uploaded to a website or blog using an EMBED code. * Voicethread has been around for about three Continue reading My “Top Ten” Voicethread applications