Community and Urban Planning – Project Based Learning and Minecraft

The following pictures/slides provide some information about how we are using PROJECT BASED LEARNING, INQUIRY and MINECRAFT in the classroom. Recently, a reporter asked me, “So what have you learned through this project?”   I’ve learned that I need to step back and trust my students. I need to provide time, support and facilitate the groups and activities and allow them to discover for themselves the different possibilities, avenues and perspective of an issue. I learned how important it is to use tools that they themselves are familiar with and to explicitly provide situations where they can be leaders and facilitators themselves. The Barton and Tiffany area in Hamilton remains vacant. These students, while their concept plans may never Continue reading Community and Urban Planning – Project Based Learning and Minecraft

Evolving Cap on Potential

A Miracle happened. I ran the Toronto Marathon. Why a miracle? I had already accepted that I had to back out of the race. Two weeks ago, during one of my long training runs, I suffered a pulled calf muscle.  Three days ago, I woke up with a fever, sinus cold and cough.  Regardless, I knew I had to  try. I wanted to cross the line that said “Start”. Finishing didn’t matter. I woke to thunder and lightning and pouring rain. As I sipped my coffee and ate my oatmeal,  the rain slammed onto the course (which I could easily see from the hotel window).  I wondered how wet my shoes and socks would get…how far I could go Continue reading Evolving Cap on Potential