My “Top Ten” Voicethread applications

 VOICETHREAD IS A UNIVERSALLY DESIGNED TOOL ALLOWING EVERYONE TO CONTRIBUTE. STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND COMMUNITY CAN USE ANY MEDIUM TO SHARE, DISCUSS, POST, REFLECT AND PRESENT. OPEN DOORS TO OUR LEARNERS!! A couple reminders that might ease your mind about using this OPEN and FREE tool….. * Voicethread provides tutorials, ideas, and examples. Give yourself some time to explore and PLAY * Voicethread comments can be moderated by the owner * Voicethreads can be public or private and can be shared with one or many people * Voicethread tool is free and is accessible on computers, iPods and iPads *Voicethread can be uploaded to a website or blog using an EMBED code. * Voicethread has been around for about three Continue reading My “Top Ten” Voicethread applications