Using Glogster as a Presentation Tool –

This Glogster was created by Angela in Room 213


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I introduced Glogster to my Grade Six students this past week as an option for displaying their research for their bio-diversity projects.

Glogster has tried to make this tool as teacher-friendly as possible by making it easy to set up a class account, which provides a private account for each student (and generates passwords and e-mails them to the teacher). As with other Web 2.0 Tools, teachers are trying it out in a variety of ways. Especially helpful to new Glogster users is Traci Blazosky’s Glogster Tutorial page.

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  3. Gloster is a cool tool and we use it in class all the time. I like glogster. Thae glog above ^^ looks awsome!!

  4. I completely agree with using Glogster in classrooms. My teacher has had us do them multiple times already this school year. I think it’s a creative, fun way to learn, but you’re still learning. And I think that’s the key to having a fun time but also learning something.

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