We’re not alone…

Please consider listening to this VOICE THREAD and commenting. I would love to share YOUR comments (and hear your voice) about how your participation in a Global Learning Network has helped you grow and change your methods as an educator.

Help me convince my audience of 40 leaders in educators who may not see completely the benefit of what we value so much.


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4 Replies to “We’re not alone…”

  1. A PLN is an invaluable place to discuss philosophy, share and receive feedback on ideas and gain an international perspective on education. Teaching cannot be done in isolation and we cannot continue to reinvent the wheel. When we struggle with the same things, we need to work together for the benefit of all.

  2. I am a student and in our class, we use PLN’s all the time. Our teacher lets us collaborate constantly, and lets us help one another with questions. It not only helps us to figure out the answer, but it shows what different kids views are at the question, all with different interpretations.

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